Basic Maker Education

Integration of Maker Culture and Basic Education Offers One-stop Service Solutions for Maker Education

Preparation in Basic Maker Education

1. On-site research in schools, universities, and institutions to study Maker Education.

2. Learn advanced Maker education patterns and experience basic maker education solutions in US.

3. Cooperation with world-renowned universities like UC Berkeley, Princeton University and CMU.

4. Working with Beijing Normal University for development of curriculum tailored to Basic Maker Education.

5. Development of hardware environment for Basic Maker Education based on advanced technology.

Maker Education Solutions

Customized Service

Create highlights in schools brand and features, customized Maker Education solutions

At present, Maker Education has become a revolution project promoted by the government actively. It has been an indispensable project for schools to apply Maker Education in class. It all starts from making school-featured class and its own brand via Maker Education.

Maker Education Solutions

Maker Curriculum Design

Working with Beijing Normal University for development of curriculum customized for Basic Maker Education

Maker Education≠Assemble Robots

Maker Education helps students master the solid knowledge and develop high-level thinking ability.

With STEAM-oriented education philosophy in mind, UBTECH Education strives to improve students' abilities in practice, innovation and creation.


PRP(Pose, Record, Playback)


Visualized 3D Programming

Maker Education Solutions

Maker Teaching Tools Preparation

UBTECH Education offers schools different packages for different projects in Maker Education


After many years of accumulation and innovation in humanoid robot, UBTECH educational robots tops in this field, bringing in all-new teaching philosophy and approaches.


Through many years' efforts and cooperation with top educational resources, UBTECH Education develops scientific innovative curriculum, where students are able to learn knowledge from different areas.


Branch office and R&D laboratory in US involve researchers and developers from home and abroad. Working with universities, UBTECH Education builds laboratories on campuses for the development of international education with with Chinese characteristics.


The whole process in teaching is very challenging and interesting, which can effectively stimulate students' interests in learning. The most intelligent humanoid educational robot can be a a big help for either teachers and students.

Initiative and Experience

uKit, the best choice for programming study in enlightenment education, allows children to get closer to the programming world so as to enhance their abilities in practice, creation and collaboration. As an open source humanoid robot, Alpha is well prepared for the students at all levels.

Maker Education Solutions

Maker Teacher Resources

Teachers play an indispensable role in education. However, there are few teachers qualified in Maker Education. UBTECH Education provides one-stop service to schools with highly qualified Maker Education teacher team. Teachers are assigned and training is conducted according to the requirement of school's Maker Education projects. UBTECH Education will also introduce programs customized to school. UBTECH Education works with world renowned universities and high-tech enterprises to bring schools opportunities to interact with professionals.

Maker Education Solutions

Maker Space Design

A Maker space inside a school is a collaborative work space for making, learning, exploring, and sharing that uses a wide variety of tools. These spaces are also helping students learn critical 21st century skills in the fields of STEAM. Maker spaces are also fostering students'entrepreneurship and are being utilized as incubators and accelerators for business start-ups.

Teaching Area:
Daily teaching
Material Area:
Repository of materials and teaching tools
Competition Area:
Robot competition, training and daily evaluation
Exhibition Area:
Demonstration of students' works and honors
Reading Area:
Reading relevant books and magazines
Open Area:
Panel discussion

6 function areas in 1 room, all for Maker Education classes (Areas can be different considering school's actual condition)

Value-added Service