Enlightenment Education Program

Respect Children's Nature and Let Them Become the Best of Their Own

UBTECH Education-Preschool Curriculum Design

  • K 1
    Exploring Children

  • K 2
    Cognition Exercise

  • K 3
    Social Development

We believe every child is unique and special, and that they deserve our respect and appreciation.

UBTECH Education supports children's natural curiosity and helps them grow into the best possible version of themselves.

UBTECH Education Robot

A humanoid robot which can sing,
dance, tell stories and
speak multiple languages
will be children's favorite teacher.

UBTECH Education Edutainment Robot

Made with eco-friendly materials, children can play safely with the robot and fully develop their imagination and creativity. They can enjoy learning through exploration, hands-on experiences, and play-based activities.

Preschool Education Space Design Solutions

Children learn about the world through their sensory interactions with the environment.
Color, space, furnishings, and human elements will all have important impacts on children's development.
The preschool education environment is an important space for children's growth.
UBTECH Education can customize the children's space according to different needs and requirements.

Preschool Curriculum Training Program

Corresponding Training Will be Conducted for Curriculum

Product Training

Curriculum Training

Textbook and Handbook

Value-added Service