Emotion Recognition

Improve Learning Efficiency

Security Guard in Campus

Open SDK

Headmaster Robot knows students even better than teachers with its intelligent emotion recognition system

Headmaster Robot reads students based on their facial expressions in class before custom-made teaching plan is introduced, opening a new era of intelligent education.

Improve Learning Efficiency

Headmaster Robot becomes a valuable tool for teachers with its powerful database

Campus Security Guard with State of Art Technology

Based on U-SLAM navigation and location technology, Headmaster Robot can walk around the campus freely and accurately. It owns smart brain and sweet voice, which enable it to vividly introduce the campus, leading a cutting-edge and smart way of sightseeing.

Headmaster Robot achieves 3D navigation and obstacle avoidance via real-time location and mapping technologies. 6 sensors enable its 360 cruise and maintaining campus security. It can get recharged automatically to ensure its sustained work.

Open SDK for Customized Service

Open SDK provides customized service to different schools. School can also have a Headmaster Robot made to cater for its requirement and problems arose in actual teaching practices.