AI Space Design

Providing interactive teaching and practice space design for immersive and exciting learning experiences on various AI technologies.

  • AI-Robotic Base

    A 3000-4000m² space with 10-20 thematic areas which can serve as the out-of-school teaching and practicing base of AI projects, the training base of AI teachers, and the interaction base between enterprises and teenagers.

  • AI-Robotic School Center

    A 300-400㎡ space with 3-4 classrooms which can be used for PBL teaching, robotic competition and teacher training.

  • AI-Robotic School Lab

    A 50-100㎡ classroom where teachers can teach AI-themed courses.

Shanghai Youth AI Tech & Innovation Base

3400 Square meters+

56 Schools involved

100+ Teacher training events held

3,472 Class hours

More than 30,000 students are expected to join various projects of the base in 2019.