Why AI Robotic Education?

In the fourth industrial revolution, AI mindset and computer science skills are needed more than ever. AI talents will inevitably become the foundation of a country’s AI development and the core power source behind competitions among countries. And now is the time to inspire them.
  • Building an AI Mindset
  • Developing Science and Innovation Literacy
  • Mastering Coding Languages
  • AI Robots as educational tools

End-to-End AI Robotic Education Solutions

UBTECH provides a scaffolding approach based on the A²I (Acquire, Apply and Innovate) Learning Pedagogy to offer a complete curriculum from primary schools to universities.

Robots Empower AI Education

AI robot is the best carrier of AI technologies. UBTECH robots can serve as a teaching assistant, student’s learning companion as well as an essential teaching tool to make AI robotic curriculum work in the classroom.
Curriculum System
UBTECH offers a globally researched curriculum system targeting students from elementary schools to universities, which enables them to acquire AI robotic knowledge and related skills in a coherent and sequential way.
Basic Curriculum
Understanding the world with AI
The basic curriculum includes a strong focus on the learning of fundamental AI robotic knowledge and the development of computational thinking skill.
Standard Curriculum
Exploring the world with AI
UBTECH places a priority on making this curriculum real-world relevant and adopts a scenario-based approach to help students develop strong AI robotic application knowledge as well as analytical and problem-solving skillsets.
Extended Curriculum
Improving the world with AI
The extended curriculum is designed to stimulate learners’ internal drive to utilize AI robotic knowledge innovatively in realistic projects.
Systematic and Scientific AI Robotic Curriculum

UBTECH Robotics Competition-URC

URC is a global youth robotic challenge platform that aims to enlighten young people on scientific innovation, creative construction and logical programming. They can practice AI concepts and strategic thinking through comprehensive training in the competition.