UBTECH Teams up with STORY-i to launch AI Robotic Education in Indonesia

2019-08-02 by admin

1.Empowering Indonesia to be a leader in Industry 4.0 through UBTECH AI Robots Education Solution for our future generation.

2.The comprehensive cooperation is expected to cover from educational kits and robots, curriculum design, R&D of AI technologies, to robotic competition.

UBTECH Robotics, a global leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic company, together with Story-i, Apple’s premium reseller in Indonesia, announced on August 1 that the two firms will join forces to lead a nationwide movement in transforming Indonesia into a leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution using UBTECH End-to-End AI Robots Education Solution.

This partnership is aligned with Indonesian National Strategy to be a global leader in the forthcoming 4.0 Industrial Revolution, focusing on developing high-end emerging technologies. Underlying this strategy, is a revolutionized education approach to prepare our future generation. This has been one of UBTECH key focuses in using AI Robots Education as a medium to instill the essential skillsets and more importantly the mindsets of our future generation that will be largely shaped by technological transformation. UBTECH End-to-End AI Robots Education Solution, provides a scaffolding approach developed based on our A2I (Acquire, Apply & Innovate) Learning Pedagogy to offer a complete curriculum from primary schools to universities. 

Mr. Ray Ong, the Assistant Vice President of UBTECH, shared that “This is the right time to empower Indonesia Industrial Revolution 4.0 with our holistic education solutions. We believe that early introduction and education about AI and robotic systems to our children will better prepare them for the smarter world in the future.”

In this nationwide AI Robots Education movement, Story-i shared the same vision and belief with UBTECH – “Education is the most powerful weapon to transform a nation”. Apart from serving as the conduit between UBTECH and the teaching institutions in Indonesia, Story-i also invested in localizing the curriculum for Indonesia market as well as providing consultancy and service support to the schools. 

Moving forward, UBTECH and Story-i will also focus on driving the R&D efforts on AI technologies in Indonesia. A MOU with Indonesia Islamic University (UII) of Yogyakarta has been signed to develop robotic languages and artificial intelligence in Indonesia. 

The Indonesia UBTECH Robotic Competition (URC – Indonesia) is also being announced as one of the major events to drive greater awareness for AI Robotic in Indonesia. This national level competition will be held in Jakarta, Bandung and Jogjakarta from September – October 2019. The winning team from the national final will be representing Indonesia to compete in the international level competition at Kuming China, November 2019.